What to expect after abuse has been reported

When suspicions or allegations of child abuse are reported, families can feel overwhelmed and confused by the investigative process. The Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) is designed to help you and your child understand what will be happening to help protect your child and others, and to coordinate the agencies involved during the investigation.

The MDIT brings together all professionals involved in the investigation for a child-friendly interview, conducted by a forensic interviewer. The Family Advocate is always available to help you in finding answers to your questions and to be a support during this difficult time.

Before the interview

It is ideal to talk to your child about what you’ll be doing at the CHCAC. This makes it easier for your child upon arrival; there will be no surprises. Remind your child that he/she is not in trouble.

Let your child know that it is okay to talk to the interviewer. Talking to a stranger about something personal can be intimidating, so reassure your child and encourage him/her to talk freely. It is not an interrogation.

Give your child never-ending support; there is a good chance that he/she is extremely nervous.

Interview Day

Our center is a child and family friendly facility. Our family room contains endless amounts of toys, books and movies to make you and your child feel at home. You will be greeted by the family advocate who will answer your questions about the interviewing process.

When it is time for the interview, the forensic interviewer will meet you and your child, and then escort your child to the interview. We ask for you to remain in the family room for the duration of the interview. Once the interview is over, the forensic interviewer will return your child to you.

Those involved in your child’s case (Law Enforcement, Children and Youth Services, etc.) will discuss options moving forward, guiding you, your child and your family through the legal process.

After the interview

Your family advocate will contact you and your child following the interview. It is important to understand that the entire case is not solved overnight, so please give the individuals dealing with your child’s case some time to do their investigation.