Katy VanDewark

Katy VanDewark


Katy has been with the CHCAC since 2014. She has held almost every position within the child advocacy center. In April 2017, she graciously accepted the role of Executive Director. She brings years of experience and has acquired all the necessary skills needed to be the CHCAC’s “chaos coordinator” and provides a strong voice on behalf of the children in our community. When Katy is not running day to day operations at the CAC, she is an avid sports fan, a die hard soccer mom and a proud supporter of Amazon Prime.

Joanne Babcock, MSW


Joanne Babcock, MSW joined CHCAC in October 2018 as Program Manager. In this position, she assists with the day to day operations and delivery of services that CHCAC provides to the community. Joanne has been a forensic interviewer since 2016 and appreciates helping children tell their stories. In 2019, Joanne will be providing Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at CHCAC. Joanne earned her bachelor’s degree in social work from Mansfield University and her master’s degree in social work from Edinboro University, earning summa cum laude honors from both universities. Joanne has over 16 years working with children in a variety of settings. Her focus is trauma informed practice. When she is not working, Joanne loves to spend time with her family, reading, cooking, traveling and practicing mindfulness.

Tia Wright


Tia has been with the CHCAC since May 2017. She is the family advocate, which means that she is the person who has the most contact with clients and is in charge of helping families obtain different services throughout the county. When Tia isn’t at the CHCAC, she is coaching volleyball, playing with dogs and binging on Netflix. She is the middle of 5 children and her parents own a restaurant in Owego, NY. The worst thing she ever did as a child was call 911 on her oldest brother because he wouldn’t let her get a drink from the water fountain.

Jill Deitrick


Jill has been with the CHCAC since January 2018. Before becoming a Family Advocate, she served on the Board of Directors for over 2 years. Jill is passionate about child abuse prevention and working in the community on behalf of children. Jill loves connecting with children and families and supporting them on their journey to healing. When not at the CHCAC, you will find her cheering on and supporting her four children in one of their many activities or events.

Hannah Allis


Hannah Allis, LPC, has held a full-time position at the CHCAC since June 2018. She is a certified Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist who provides therapeutic services to individuals and their families. Prior to accepting a full-time position, Hannah had provided contractual TF-CBT services since 2016, when she was chosen by the CHCAC to participate in a grant-funded program to bring TF-CBT services to the local area. Hannah is also actively enrolled in the Play Therapy program at Temple University. She has a great deal of experience working in the field of mental health, specifically with children and adolescents. Providing treatment to children and adolescents affected by trauma has been an important aspect of her career. It is her ultimate goal to help individuals enhance their quality of life and provide an opportunity to help them reach their fullest potential. Hannah’s self-care includes humor and drinking copious amounts of coffee. When not working at the CHCAC, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, camping, shopping and traveling.

Call Cody


I was born and raised in Tioga PA, and I graduated from Williamson Jr/Sr High School. I am currently in my last semester of my undergrad at Mansfield University. My major is Psychology with a concentration in Counseling. I am also currently doing my internship at the CHCAC. I am the oldest of 5 siblings, which is pretty cool, because I get to set the bar! I never imaged myself working with kids, because I had been around them my whole life with my youngest sibling being only 4. Within the last year that changed when I started to become more aware of our county and child abuse. I just really want to help create the best future for a child. I am very excited to get the chance to work with all the incredible ladies at the CHCAC and to see where this opportunity takes me.

Board of Directors

The CHCAC is governed by a Board of Directors that establishes governance and accountability; ensures financial sustainability; and provides overall direction to the organization. Board members are community members who volunteer their time and service.

If you are interested in applying for Board membership, please contact the Executive Director.


Anthony Morelli, Board President
Steve Gobble, Vice President
William Clark, Treasurer
Tim Cahill, Secretary

Members at Large

Shirley Allis
Bethany Altieri
Evan Barnes
Stacy Covey
Patricia Cross
Dr. Amy Martell
Marguerite Shaner
Lisa Wilcox