What do I do if I suspect my child is being abused?

Recognize the signs of abuse.

Signs aren’t always obvious, so learning the signs of abuse may save your child’s life. Visit our Signs of Abuse webpage for more information.

Talk to your child.

Try to create a non-threatening environment for your child, where he/she feels comfortable opening up to you. Be aware of the tone of your voice; you don’t want him/her to think you are mad. Let your child talk, and don’t ask too many questions. If he/she opens up to you, let him/her talk. If he/she doesn’t, do not force it.

Report it.

Even though reporting abuse may not be easy, it gives you the opportunity to potentially protect someone who can’t protect themselves.

To report any kind of child abuse, you may call one of three agencies:

  1. ChildLine, Pennsylvania’s statewide hotline, at 1-800-932-0313
  2. Children and Youth Services at 570-265-1760
  3. Your local police station

Please do not call the Children’s House/Child Advocacy Center since we are not an investigative agency.